The Filecoin Foundation governs the Filecoin ecosystem in a way that’s transparent, community-driven, and in line with open-source ethos.


The Filecoin Foundation is growing and hitting new milestones. And as we build, we're hiring for roles to promote the Filecoin ecosystem and the broader web3 movement. Check out our open roles.
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Join Filecoin Slack and participate in our bi-weekly community governance calls every other Tuesday

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Join our talks, community meetings, and other events. To explore them, visit our Youtube channel.
A video preview for accelerating the Filecoin ecosystem.

Accelerating the Filecoin Ecosystem

On these calls, we discussed recent DataCap allocation and application metrics, heard from various clients applying through the Large Dataset process, continued our discussion of Issue 217
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A video preview for Filecoin Plus.

Welcome to Filecoin Plus Day

Learn about the fundamentals of Filecoin Plus, a program designed to incentivize useful storage on the Filecoin network.
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